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Economic development, International relations and culture of benevolence / poverty / wealth

It is about working together to build a more just world on the basis of a review of our production and consumption practices. How can “fairness” and “sobriety” provide a perspective for local, national and international economic benevolence?

1) Here, farmers work 16 hours a day, pay themselves a pittance, sink into debt and commit suicide with almost general indifference. The big distribution chains get richer and prosper too often at the expense of the peasants.

2) Congolese children work and poison themselves in coltan mines that go into the manufacture of our “smart phones” which they will never have.

3) Water is now a confiscable and confiscated asset; peasant seeds are patented and made non-reproducible by firms whose project is to enrich themselves, at all costs, in their sole interest!

 4) Indiscriminate deforestation threatens the oxygen supply of all mankind. The world of some is built at the expense of others. And our morality of relating to others, as long as it is beneficial to us, is, in this context, now altered, falsified and depraved. Our uninhibited egoism deserves our genuine questioning. Some plunder and waste everything, others lack everything. Yesterday we did not know. Today the Internet tells us everything! How honestly can we apologize for not being able to influence the state of health of a world we collectively abuse?



Edouard STACKE

International consultant-coach, psycho-sociologist (EHESS), lecturer.

President of the Association for the Promotion of Respirology and Health Education (A.P.R.E.S.), Edouard Stacke has been supporting the management of companies in some thirty countries (Europe, Asia, North America) for 30 years. Author of several books, including “The Virtues of Conscious Breathing with Editions Guy Trédaniel, of” La liberté de s’accomplir “at Editions Le Souffle d´Or, co-author of the White Paper on Personal Development.

President of APRES, founder of the vital’Respir method, former lecturer at the universities of Montreal and Paris V, Psychotherapist (1978-1987) (Co-Founder of AFPH), introducer in 1979 of Humanist Psychology ( co-founder of AFPH) 1983 in France, Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislas Grof, Michaël Harner, Claudio Naranjo, Gabrielle Roth. A member of the ITA, he participated in Congresses (World Bombay 1982, Europe Brussels 1984, World Zinal 1985, World Prague 1992).


Economist / Psychoanalyst, David Boucaud was a student of Marc Alain DESCAMPS. He holds a Transpersonal Higher Study Certificate and a Diploma in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Paris.

Director of the territorial civil service / Chief of staff, he is a lecturer at the University of the Antilles. He is also Associate Researcher at CREDDI (Center for Research in Economics and Island Development Law – University of the West Indies),


Mohamed BEN OUIRANE, International Entrepreneur, Mediterranean Space, Canada.


(London, England)


Engineer, Humanist Therapist, Former President and Former Secretary of AFT

Lucien ALFILLE is a graduate Engineer: Civil Engineering EFIB (ESIB), Electrician supelec, Mechanics and Materials ISMCM supmeca, Refrigeration engineer from IFFI, … Humanist therapist, he was Secretary General of AFT for 25 years, and was interested in ENOCs (non-ordinary experiences of Consciousness).

Inspector of Basic Nuclear Installations, President of GAMI (Group for the Advancement of Industrial Mechanics), …

Bernadette BLIN

Clinical and social psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor.


Certified in Holotropic Breathing and Transpersonal Psychology by Stan Grof. Initiated by shamans from different traditions (Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Siberia, United States). President of EUROTAS (2013-2020). Member of the Board of Directors of EUROTAS.

Author of numerous articles on transpersonal psychotherapy. Co-author of:

– Healing the ego, revealing the being, the challenge of transpersonal therapies (Trédaniel 2009),

– Manual of transpersonal psychotherapy (Interéditions 2011)

– When consciousness awakens (L’Harmattan 2014).



The Contribution of the Transpersonal to Today’s World: Advocacy for Universal Benevolence.


Education in benevolence, intercultural mediation


Health, medical ethics and well-being and benevolence

(Support, psychology, psychotherapy, medical treatment, natural treatment


Social, social protection and benevolence (Migration, Migrants, poverty / wealth, ethics of reception