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Education in benevolence, intercultural mediation

Recognize and welcome what the “humanities” of the worlds around us teach us.

The key to caring in an open world is knowing how to open up to others. Knowing how to let ourselves be welcomed, enriched by others. The people that we are actually owe much more to humanity in its cultural plurality than we realize. “Interculturality” is a reality that our respective chauvinism prevents us from calmly accepting. We are not only the children of a nation, but the fruits of wisdom nourished by the confluences of universal genius. The cultural banquet takes place around a round table that opens us up to sharing, not only our know-how, but above all our “savoir-être”. We are not alone and never have been.


It is about recognizing what we have within us that is universal. Recognize and welcome what the “humanities” of the worlds around us can teach us to live better together and strengthen our HUMANITY.




Senior Lecturer in Education and Training Sciences at Inspé (Higher National Institute for Teaching and Education) of Paris Sorbonne Lettres.

He co-directs the “Spirituality and Education” research group. He is President of the International Center for Research and Transdisciplinary Studies (CIRET). He co-edited n ° 56 (2020) of the journal Éducation et Socialization: “Education (s) and Spirituality (s): conceptualization, problematization, applications”.


Principal of the Lycée. Aggregate in Mathematics, he graduated in theology, in engineering training, and graduate in Sophrology. Trained in Non-violent communication (In-depth), and in Family Therapy, the author is also, member of the national selection committee of the ERASMUS + program, Palms officer academic. (Guyana / France)


Vitor Rodrigues – Doctor of psychology, transpersonal psychotherapist and writer, Portugal.

Doctor in psychology, transpersonal psychotherapist and writer (12 books published), he has been a professor in several universities in Portugal for 17 years.

It works with regressive therapy, hypnosis, meditation, psychic defense and stress management among other approaches.

He was president of the European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) from 2005 to 2009 and of the Luso-Brasilera Transpersonal Association (ALUBRAT) from 2003 to 2009. He is currently vice-president of the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ETPA) ). He was the coordinator of the EUROTAS committee for certification and accreditation in transpersonal psychotherapy from 2000 to 2013.


Priest Catholic, graduated in theology. The author is engaged in multiple activities: sport (former footballer), ecology, support for girls raped during the war (coltan), school principal. Intercultural mediator, he holds a university degree in family mediation with the intercultural approach and a diploma in psychosomatics integrative.

He is also the co-promoter of a school (340 orphans) on the island of Idjwi (Lake Kivu).

In this context, he works with a foundation in Spain (mamore), a Swiss NGO (a sole purpose), an association in France (Kinyabuguma – France), an association in France (AMU-France)

Dr. Régina HESS

German clinical psychologist and holder of a joint doctorate in transpersonal psychology (USA) and embodied phenomenology, (UK).

Vice-president of the European Transpersonal Association (ETPA)

She is body-centered Gestalt psychotherapist, creative therapist and psychotherapist and transpersonal supervisor.

Regina has extensive experience in humanitarian field work and research on global health issues.

She is the Founder / Director of ASE World Forum – Ancient Wisdom meets Modern Science and maintains a private practice near Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She specializes in work on the transformation of shock and pre and perinatal trauma, individual and collective / transgenerational transcultural trauma and integration of therapeutic use modified states of consciousness. Regina is a professor at the international transpersonal education institutes and is an independent researcher.

Dr Regina U. Hess is Vice-President of the European Transpersonal Association (ETPA) and sits on the Board of Directors of the Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS) and the International Transpersonal Association (ITA).

She is co-founder of the international transpersonal research network and of EUROTAS Transpersonal research and publication activity. She is a member of the Swiss Medical, Association for Psycholytic Therapy, and founder / head of the Amsterdam office of MIND, European Foundation for Psychedelic Science.



The Contribution of the Transpersonal to Today’s World: Advocacy for Universal Benevolence.


Health, medical ethics and well-being and benevolence

(Support, psychology, psychotherapy, medical treatment, natural treatment


Economic development, international relations, culture of benevolence / wealth / poverty


Social, social protection and benevolence (Migration, Migrants, poverty / wealth, ethics of reception