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Health, medical ethics and well-being and benevolence (support, psychology, psychotherapy, medical treatment, natural medicine)

It is about becoming fully aware of the full confidence given to us by the one who confides in us in the hope of recovering health, well-being, balance, serenity, happiness and reason for living.

The beings that pain places in our hands, in the hope of benefiting from our care, are not damaged items that arrive in the maintenance workshop. They are above all people, “patients”. Our patients are filled with hope. They expect from us the best of our compassion, our respect, the best of our science, and above all the best of our humanity. To intervene on a person is to enter his sacred place, his sanctuary. It is to defile or to sanctify the temple with its dignity. Every man is said to be a sacred story. Caring for, accompanying, responding respectfully and honestly to an act of abandonment, is an act of trust. 

Our raison d’être, our legitimacy as a practitioner of well-being questions us: Who is the man in us, who is the woman who heals and accompanies? Is it the brother who welcomes, who preserves, who protects and guarantees the integrity of the brother / sister entrusted to his or her benevolence? Our conscience challenges us in this great question: Brother of benevolence, what have you done with your brother, what will you do with him? What can you do to repair, heal, and preserve the dignity of those whom providence presents to your care. When confidence is entrusted with confidence, it invites us to elevation by making our hands those of divine providence. There is no care worth the name without the deepest benevolence.




Graduated from Mathematics and subsequently a Diploma in Development and Educational Psychology with honors.

Graduated in Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Trained in Gestalt psychotherapy. He follows the integral approach of transpersonal psychotherapy. He is a member of AFT and teaches in the Transpersonal psychotherapy training organized by ETPA.

Dr Jacques VIGNES

Vice-President of AFT, Dr Jacques Vigne is a French psychiatrist trained in Paris. For 15 months he practiced and taught psychiatry in Algeria, and after graduating in 1986, he left for India on a four-year scholarship of the French government. He studied for three years at the Hindu University of Benares for yoga and traditional Indian philosophy, then lived a ten years almost continuously near his master Swami Vijayânanda, a French doctor who lived 60 years in India and who was one of the disciples Westerners closest to Mâ Anandamayî, one of the wise ’women best known of the twentieth century. For 12 years thereafter, Jacques Vigne spent about a third of his time in a hermitage, returning regularly to his master to continue.

Author of numerous works whose guiding thread is spiritual psychology and meditation. One of his latest works, Practice of Secular Meditation, (Les Editions du Relié, 2016) of offers a vision of inclusive secularism, and not exclusive, which respects the contribution of religions, but at the same time is favor of the propagation of a meditation for all, with its series of benefits on physical and mental health which are now more and more established scientifically.

He leads many courses on meditation.


Juan Ruiz Naupari is Creative Psychologist of Pneuma Transpersonal Training and Founder and International Director of the Pneuma Institute (Mount Shasta, California USA). 

He devotes his research to transpersonal states and their application in therapy and human development.

Edouard STACKE

Edouard STACKE, International consultant-coach, psycho-sociologist (EHESS), lecturer.

President of the Association for the Promotion of Respirology and Health Education (A.P.R.E.S.), Edouard Stacke has been supporting the management of companies in some thirty countries (Europe, Asia, North America) for 30 years. Author of several books, including “The Virtues of Conscious Breathing with Editions Guy Trédaniel, of” La liberté de s’accomplir “at Editions Le Souffle d´Or, co-author of the White Paper on Personal Development.

President of APRES, founder of the vital’Respir method, former lecturer at the universities of Montreal and Paris V, Psychotherapist (1978-1987) (Co-Founder of AFPH), introducer in 1979 of Humanist Psychology ( co-founder of AFPH) 1983 in France, Transpersonal Psychology, Stanislas Grof, Michaël Harner, Claudio Naranjo, Gabrielle Roth. A member of the ITA, he participated in Congresses (World Bombay 1982, Europe Brussels 1984, World Zinal 1985, World Prague 1992).


Teacher. Dr. Mihaela Minulescu, Jungien psychoanalyst IAAP.

Teacher. univ. Dr Mihaela Minulescu

Jungian psychoanalyst member of IAAP and Romanian trainer in analytical psychotherapy and transpersonal approach.


Lecturer at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy of Timisoara, Romania.

Teaching courses in various disciplines: psychology and behavioral sciences, medical psychology, Anghel Teodora teaches, in particular, postgraduate courses in psychosomatic medicine and postgraduate courses in the brain, cognition and behavior.

Author of books and laboratory notebooks:

– Prenatal and perinatal psychology.

– Birth, health psychology and elements of psychosomatics, courses in medical and psychosomatic psychology, Behavioral sciences,

– Self-knowledge guide for medical students,

– Know yourself, you will know your patient better,

– Behavioral sciences and health psychology,

– Behavioral sciences and health psychology, dentistry – medical psychology.

– Dental Medicine – Medical psychology and coordination of collective volumes.



The Contribution of the Transpersonal to Today’s World: Advocacy for Universal Benevolence.


Education in benevolence, intercultural mediation.


Economic development, international relations, culture of benevolence / wealth / poverty.


Social, social protection and benevolence (Migration, Migrants, poverty / wealth, ethics of reception