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Social, social protection and benevolence (Migration, Migrants, poverty / wealth, ethics of reception)

The world is in a state of accelerated migratory haemorrhages.


International economic choices (excessively globalist mode of development and financialization) are largely the cause of climate change, impoverishment and the infernal displacement of populations. This new evil inflicted on the most weakened and unstructured nations and populations, consequently leads to forced exile. Climate exiles are now part of our landscapes. National borders cannot remain outrageously closed. Isn’t it inconsistent to preach the virtues of an open world (greater freedom of movement of goods and capital) while severely restricting the free movement of people caught up in migratory tsunamis. A new reception ethic, centered on the duty of support for any displaced person, seems necessary. Redistributing wealth also means redistributing asylum territories for the survival of all in a coexistence marked by the welcome of humanity in its plethora of diversity. While remaining aware of the objective reality on the ground, it seems necessary to imagine gestures and practices of change aimed at making our shared experience more liveable.




Patricia Pasqualini, GLOBAL HEALTH ADVISOR, Corsica / France

Trained in community mental health, she is a transpersonal psychologist.

Very committed to associative and humanitarian action, she contributes to many projects:

-Design and implementation of health education projects

– Advice and training on techniques and tools for facilitating “health” groups (schools, colleges, high schools, nurseries, retirement homes, campsites, neighborhoods)

– Implementation of preventive campaigns (department of South Corsica) thematic: nutrition, domestic accident, insecurity, tobacco, AIDS, alcohol, drugs, road safety.

Sylvestre DALMEIDA

Economist, Delegate of the Departmental Union of Communal Social Action Centers of Seine-Saint-Denis (France).

D’ALMEIDA Sylvestre, is an economist specializing in Social Action. He is the Delegate of the Departmental Union of Communal Social Action Centers of Seine-Saint-Denis.

Founder of the Association “College of Parents”: Mobilization and support of parents around the notion of parental authority for a better education of their children. (France)

Karina MINDA

Licensed psychologist (in Sweden and Romania), transpersonal psychotherapist, certified in transpersonal analysis and pneumonia.

With a master’s degree in clinical psychology and psychological counseling, she is currently studying topics such as global health, social work and sustainable development.

Karina MINDA is, moreover, secretary of the European Association for Transpersonal Psychology (ETPA) and co-founder and president of the NGO Well-being LAB, a youth organization, working mainly with projects related to social inclusion, intercultural dialogue, the integration of young people, migration and the promotion of well-being among refugees and migrants. She volunteers for the Medicines du Monde organization in Malmö, Sweden and has a private practice as a psychologist; the primary objective of his work is to help people become more aware of their lives and take responsibility for their identity, their freedom and their happiness.



The Contribution of the Transpersonal to Today’s World: Advocacy for Universal Benevolence.


Education in benevolence, intercultural mediation


Health, medical ethics and well-being and benevolence (support, psychology, psychotherapy, medical treatment, natural medicine)


Economic development, international relations, culture of benevolence / wealth / poverty