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The Contribution of the Transpersonal to Today's World: Advocacy for Universal Benevolence!

Translate our transpersonal acts into words and knowledge.

It is about showing, through the concrete of our practices, what the transpersonal ambition is. It can only be a matter of practice, of taking action, of transforming oneself first in the forge of rigor in order to make visible what each means by Love. “Good” “vigilance” supposes vigilant action, the project of which is to improve our relationship to others, to ourselves, to the land which is our common home. 

The transpersonal approach is a work, a workshop, an architectural setting of a better new world. It is about revealing the concrete solutions that we each apply to promote the transformation of a world that is doing badly towards a world that is doing better, that is doing well. Being a Transpersonal craftsman leads us to work for the spiritual upliftment of the world driven by the love due to each one, with strict respect for his integrity and sovereignty.



Bernadette BLIN

Clinical and social psychologist, transpersonal psychotherapist, Gestalt therapist, trainer and supervisor.


Certified in Holotropic Breathing and Transpersonal Psychology by Stan Grof. Initiated by shamans from different traditions (Mexico, Morocco, Peru, Siberia, United States). President of EUROTAS (2013-2020). Member of the Board of Directors of EUROTAS.

Author of numerous articles on transpersonal psychotherapy. Co-author of:

– Healing the ego, revealing the being, the challenge of transpersonal therapies (Trédaniel 2009),

– Manual of transpersonal psychotherapy (Interéditions 2011)

– When consciousness awakens (L’Harmattan 2014).


President of EPTA

Professor at the West University of Timisoara, Romania, where she has been teaching transpersonal psychology since 2000. She is a trainer in transpersonal psychotherapy.

She has published 14 books, 38 collaborative books and over 160 articles. Recently, she wrote a collection of Transpersonal Psychology, in 2 volumes, with more than 1000 pages. Since 2006, she has been president of the European Association of Transpersonal Psychology (ETPA).


Sociologist, Teacher, University of Paris 8, Psychotherapist, President of the Association Française du Transpersonnel, (AFT) Director of the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, Martinique / France.

Pierre PASTEL Sociologist, teacher University Paris 8, Saint Denis. His research has questioned, in particular, the problems of the social and urban divide and the psychological and societal consequences of discriminatory practices.

Psychotherapist, Addictologist graduated in Alcoology from the Faculty of Medicine Paris Nord, he is a practitioner of Behavioral Pedagogy and the revitalization of individual and collective assets, and leads training programs for individual and group support, as well as than to the therapy of the entourage.

Coach // Consultant:

-In business, he is professor of group psychosociology, team management and conflict treatment at the University Institute of Technology of Montreuil.

-In the school environment, he supports so-called dropouts, especially in the Créteil academy, Guadeloupe, and Guyana.

He taught the synthesis of his observations and his approach as an accompanist at the Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine, Laboratory of Medical Ethics and Legal Medicine. (2 seminars: 1- Ethics and human dignity, 2- How to deal with so-called difficult audiences?)


Engineer, Humanist Therapist, Former President and Former Secretary of AFT

Lucien ALFILLE is a graduate Engineer: Civil Engineering EFIB (ESIB), Electrician supelec, Mechanics and Materials ISMCM supmeca, Refrigeration engineer from IFFI, … Humanist therapist, he was Secretary General of AFT for 25 years, and was interested in ENOCs (non-ordinary experiences of Consciousness).

Inspector of Basic Nuclear Installations, President of GAMI (Group for the Advancement of Industrial Mechanics), …

Père Antonio GENTILI

Barnabite religious, graduated in theology in Rome and philosophy in Pavia with a thesis on the correspondence of Friedrich von Hügel, he worked for years as animator of the retirement home Eupilio (CO) and later at the convent of Campello sul Clitunno (PG).

A specialist in the history of his Order, he cultivated studies of spirituality, exploring the great meditative traditions of the West and the East. Guide meditation and deep prayer courses open to all categories of people. In collaboration with experts, he organizes weeks of fasting and meditation for full purification. Author of spirituality, he published the first Italian edition of the Cloud of Non-Knowledge and published many books, including:

– God in silence. Meditation Handbook (with Andrea Schnoeller);

– If you don’t become like women. The feminine in the religious experience;

– Our senses illuminate. Essay on the five spiritual senses;

-I’m coming to carry the sword….



Education in benevolence, intercultural mediation.


Health, medical ethics and well-being and benevolence

(Support, psychology, psychotherapy, medical treatment, natural treatment


Economic development, international relations, culture of benevolence / wealth / poverty


Social, social protection and benevolence (Migration, Migrants, poverty / wealth, ethics of reception